Meet Jayson Ho

Jayson Ho as featured in Forbes: Thailand is a tech entrepreneur, self made millionaire, philanthropist,tech inventor and visionary.

Meet Jayson Ho

  • Featured in Forbes: Thailand.
  • Tech Entrepreneur,
  • Self Made Millionaire,
  • Philanthropist,
  • Tech Inventor
  • and Visionary.
Jayson Ho Tech Entrepreneur


Jason Ho was educated in the U.K. under the guidance of his father. As a natural talent, he excelled in mathematics at an early age. He went on to study Mathematics, Computer Science and Financial Economics.

Jason is a generalist and has a deep interest in psychology, religion and physiology. He believes that today business can be compared to highly competitive sports and lead him to spend a vast amount of time studying the daily habit of successful sports athletes.

His prior career of 10 years in Investment Banking had him lead and work on many large scale projects such as huge rollouts of software to all banks, creating emerging and greenfield teams, working at a proprietary desk doing index arbitrage and a few years on the quantitative team at UBS where all the traders and quants had PHDs or degrees at MIT etc. Jayson transitioned to the startup industry after reading the book by Ben Menzrich “Ugly Americans”.

He has been active in the startup industry for 9 years.  By initially freelancing out his ability and work on sites like elancer and upwork.  Later, he went on to co-founded an exciting social trading network, co-founded and created the world’s first virtual stock market and ,eventually, be on board management team of highly successful Silicon Valley startups.

In the past few years, Jayson setup D8 technology company based in Asia. He saw the growing demand for IT staff in the region.  He invested in Node.JS and specialized in this technology at an early stage. This bet has paid off after the mass acceptance by PayPal and Uber, leading his technology company to be sought after to provide consultancy and development for many Silicon Valley and U.K. Startups.

  • Jayson Ho has done seminars and presentations for the Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand in Dublin, Manchester and London in 2016.
  • He also assists and works together with the UK Trade Investment (UKTI) and ASEAN UK Business Council.
  • Jayson Ho has presented topics such as ‘Restructuring for Asia’ at the International Festival for Business 2016 on June 29th 2016.
  • Jayson Ho and D8ii Limited are the organiser of Bangkok Node.js Meetup.
  • Jayson Ho is the Brand Ambassador of the Peace and Happiness.
  • Jayson Ho is a Public Speaker and regularly discusses Innovative technologies in Thailand as well as how to build and scale Technology Companies in according with Thailand 4.0 Digital Economy.
  • Jayson Ho was a nominated Director for BCCT. (Chambers)
  • Jayson Ho is running for nomination for Director for STCC (Chambers)
  • Jayson Ho is the President/Chairman and CEO of D8 Limited.