We had some time to sit down and talk with Jayson Ho, Founder and CEO of D8ii Limited.

Entering the Market with Dominance

Before entering the startup world, Jayson hoped to make money online and noticed online consultancy had very high salaries. He wondered the industry required being a genius to even tap it. Investigating a little further, he found out it was quite the opposite–80% of the consultants were inexperienced in the field. He realised there was a narrow scope of what they felt was required to have a good skillset. With his schooling and background in technology, Jayson found an opportunity to be an expert in this field with a fast learning curve. His services had extra added value and dominance versus the rest. From then on, he knew that he could achieve more success in a weak market where he could leverage his skills rather than a competitive one. Entering as dominant proved to be far easier than a highly competitive market where failure was likely.

Thus, the answer to this question, “Why are you good at what you do?”, is very simple: “We are normal and average,” says Jayson. Rather than picking a competitive market, he picks a market that is poorly performing. “This market is more attractive in my eyes because I can add more value and leverage my strengths.” This strategy we use at D8ii allows us to create substantial change and make a stronger impact on a market.

Breaking Away from Controlled Culture

D8ii Limited is unique from other companies solely because of the culture. After years of a monotonous job in investment banking, Jayson became tired of the controlled culture. The work was not only excruciatingly boring, but he felt constantly bound by rules. It was torturous to the point where he admitted he would escape to the restroom to take naps. Someone once said, do not enforce things you hated in the past. Thus, Jayson carries this philosophy to his current office.

He says, “I advocate a context culture rather than a rule one.” Numerous studies have shown that employees are more productive in an open environment with more freedom. Jayson promotes self-responsibility among employees and allows them to choose how they operate day to day. “Instead of micromanaging, I seek results and manage accordingly if I do not.” D8ii has this culture to foster collaboration, creativity, freedom, and most importantly, results.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Interview with Founder and CEo of D8ii Limited in Bangkok Thailand

“I am always surprised by people who expend their energies on things they are not good at. Why waste hours of time and energy when you are not achieving results? It as if you are swimming upstream, constantly fighting the current. If the current is clearly pushing away, I do not waste my time.”

At D8, Jayson is a strong promoter of self-awareness and the philosophy of doing what you are good at.

He believes the fruit hangs lower when you can apply your passion and strengths. There is more fulfilment and a better learning curve when your strengths can be utilised.

Jayson also applies this philosophy when adding human capital. He considers himself a talent-scout, not a recruiter. When evaluating potential employees, he seeks ambition and talent. He looks beyond their skill sets listed on their resumes and tries to learn what makes them tick. In his own words, “My philosophy is that everyone is normal, but they are capable of doing amazing things. What makes people great is when they are able to leverage their strengths.”

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This wraps into the overall culture at D8 that allows us to be so successful–we foster innovation by allowing people to build from their natural talents and maximise results.