Jayson Ho and I am a Founder and Serial Entrepreneur

The people I have met or worked with might remember me as a modern day lifehacker, IT inventor, and architect. However, I want to call myself a Serial Networker because making acquaintances is a crucial step in making my plans into reality.

To give everyone a little of my background, I am from London and studied Mathematics. For 10 years, I worked in Investment Banking and structured products that created exotic interest rate derivatives. To mention some of the banks I’ve worked with: Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Barclays Capital and numerous other firms.

Many people have asked how I managed to successfully transition from one industry into a new industry. Maybe one thing I had in mind is to chase what I’m passionate about and that is being an entrepreneur. After doing my intensive research by living in various countries across Southeast Asia, I finally chose Thailand because of the great opportunities for investors or start-up companies. Thailand has become my second home for 8 years now where I have established my three companies.

I would say I do not have any daily routine. I learned the art of multi-tasking, meaning my goal is to finish all the tasks on my plate or at least start something on another plate. I manage my people more on a macro-management level because I want them to have free will on the task given to them. However, I also ensure that I check on them once in a while to see if everything is on track.        

What I’m passionate about sharing most of the time is my entrepreneurial journey–to share what I know helped me in succeeding.  I do this by talking to people or being a speaker in various events.  

That is Jayson Ho and you will still hear more about me.