This is about the number ones and number twos in a relation to why winners always win. They know how to tap into the efficiency of their A-games. In sports or anything competitive, your brain, your body, and everything starts moving in a certain way. They go into something called a “zone”. Once you enter the zone, you feel like you are in a Matrix Neo.

A particular mistake that the number twos to the number ones make is that when they get in the zone, they tend to stay a very short period then stop.

What makes number ones special?

The number ones always know when they get in the zone. When they get in the zone, they try to tap it for as long as they can. That’s when your productivity and everything that you do accelerates 200-300%. When you’re in the zone, try to accomplish as much as you can.

That is one of the reasons why number twos and number tens always fail. The number ones are in the zone for two to three days to just keep on doing it until they feel like they are out of the zone.

As soon as the number ones know that they are in the zone, they wake up, do anything, and just get it DONE. However, the number two would think they don’t need to do it now and will start it tomorrow. Then, you wake up tomorrow morning where you zone shifted.

That is why I always send an email or text out of working hours to my employees, because I am too productive and busy in the zone. Whenever I feel that I’m getting in my zone, I am unstoppable and just keep on working until I realize that I am tired.