What does serial entrepreneur and startup enthusiast Jayson Ho do day-to-day? The founder and CEO of D8 Limited shared a glimpse of his daily life. However, Jayson says no day is ever the same. Here is what his day loosely looks like:


  • Jayson usually wakes up around 8-10am, depending on how late he worked the night before. Sometimes he will sleep in even a bit later to catch up to sleep. Jayson says he prioritizes sleep and makes sure to get enough to keep his body from crashing.
  • “I wake up, roll out of bed, and wash my face, all in five minutes, then grab a taxi or head straight off to work.” Jayson grabs a taxi around 9-10am.
  • In the taxi, Jayson is usually doing two things: chatting and checking emails. He follows Richard Branson’s tip of making decisive responses to avoid wasting time: “Yes, no, great, thanks.” He tries to minimise email time as much as possible by reducing it to chat responses.
  • As soon as he gets to the office, he checks to see what meetings he has that day. Usually, Jayson has 4-5 meetings a week with clients or partners.
  • If he does not have any meetings immediately lined up, he updates with all the staff. “I check to see what everyone’s doing.” He will spend 5-10 minutes with a person to get a status update and make sure he or she is moving in the right direction.


  • Jayson takes no lunch breaks. He is multitasking even when he is eating, often catching up on a meal while he works. “That is what I like about the office, it is designed to gather, eat, and work.” The open space is almost cafeteria-like.
  • Jayson says he is less involved in coding and more involved in the big picture. “I try to streamline everything and make it more efficient.” He often coaches the coders and works with them to find patterns, guiding them to build projects.
  • He says he is focused on finding ways to increase efficiency, whether it’s working with staff to guide projects in the right direction, attending meetings with clients, pitching to investors, and keeping the office connected.
  • Daily, Jayson typically works 14-15 hours on average. On Saturdays and Sundays, he works about 4 hours a day.


  • In the evenings, Jayson is typically working or attends a meet-up. Usually, it is one close by and where he can socialise with a group of people. He makes sure that it is close or he has special reason to attend. “I minimise travel time.”
  • Despite working almost non-stop, Jayson prioritises downtime. He builds it into his schedule and makes sure he has a few hours for break several times a week. He will take a few hours to go to the cinema, gym, massage place, or mall.
  • He says it is essential to take a little downtime because it allows him to stay sane and continue to want to keep working. “When you’re passionate about what you do, you do not want to stop doing it.”